TMT - Executive Search in Japan - Pay, Benefits, Work Rules Restructuring, Cost Reduction Technics in Management Transfer

Established: October 31, 1978
Founder: Thomas J. Nevins
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Status: A privately held firm
Recruiting License: 13 -- 300738
Staff: 20
Location: Omotesando (see map)


Personnel Policy / Labor Consulting
Rules of Employment (Set-ups
and Adjustments)
Staff Reduction and Cost-
savings Programs
* Problem-Employee Solutions
Compensation and Benefits -
Design and Change
* Union and Staff Relations

Seminars and Training

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Welcome to TMT

      We are pleased to introduce TMT to you and to explain what we do and how we can help you and your company in Japan.

      TMT was established in Tokyo in 1978 and pioneered labor consulting for multinational firms in Japan. This work brought us in close contact with our clients and their opportunities and problems. As a result, we became familiar with their organizations and needs. This led to the setting up of an executive search operation as we consider that a closely coordinated approach to both labor consulting and executive and staff recruitment is essential in the Japanese business world. We at TMT believe that many companies could make much more productive use of their manpower resources with more sensible, effective, and strategically advantageous compensation systems and personnel policies.

      Please study the TMT services detailed throughout our website. Then make the strategic decision to contact us. Our team of professionals can help you with receptive ears, understand your needs, and give you fast action and rewarding results. With the right Japanese (and foreigners) in your firm, a new perspective and the tools and ability to manage and control your staff and their productivity, you and your corporate operations will succeed in this challenging marketplace.